"public" beach
Hola! my name is Jenn, and I am currently in my fourth year at Northeastern University as a Computer Science and Media Art combined major within the Khoury College of Computer Sciences. As of Fall 2019, I am looking for co-op or internship opportunities starting in January of 2020. I am open to anything from back-end to front-end, design work, or a mixture of all of it. I love service learning so any chance or opportunity I get to help my community and do work for social impact is definitely a plus. I am definitely looking to move outside of the Greater Boston area (across the country or abroad :^))

I am an avid traveler, even if it means spending a straight 31 hours on planes, trains, and hard airport benches (because that's what it takes to get to Burma). I'm a big fan of bread and love to bake (against my doctor's advice). If I had more time and I could choose more careers, I'd also want to try wood joinery and furniture, but right now the resources and opportunities point to media/digital content.