"public" beach
Hola! I'm Jenn and I am currently a fourth year computer science and media arts major at Northeastern University. I've been in the greater Boston my entire life so I'm excited to venture out into the world. In January 2020, I will be starting my third co-op out in SF, so it'll be an entirely new experience for me.

So far in college, I've realized I love studio art (drawing, painting, etc) which I never had formal experience with before coming to college. I've gotten the chance to travel a lot, and have endured 35+ hours on one flight itinerary. My favorite thing about visiting other countries is going to the grocery store! I keep a mental log of the best bottled water brands in each country, and always have my favorites by the end of the trip.

Everyone says they love coffee, but I really love coffee. I have opinions, especially about places in the Boston area and love to share them with anyone who'll listen.