currently computer science + media art

@ northeastern university

programming and software development
therapeutic applications for virtual and augmented reality
mentorship and teaching
adaptable products and installations
flatpack furniture!

computer graphics:
☆ learning c++ and openGL
☆ 3D model parser/renderer (think of a small scale Blender)
☆ using lumix gh4, various studio lighting and audio recording
☆ mastery of adobe premiere pro
☆ mastery of adobe bridge and photoshop
☆ current: printing and color study
my work

a personal essay
prompt: open subject, use good lighting, composition, practice with audio equipment
interpretation: a kid at heart
using: adobe premiere pro, lumix gh4, rode 4029 mic, zoom4 audio recorder
mit hacking arts
prompt: "why human"; in an age of artificial intelligence, why are humans so crucial to development of both art and technology
purpose: to create visual representations of human movement
using: NOITOM motion capture suit -> capture, Python + 3D point cloud -> clean, Rhino 3D -> create
video project: "sum"
prompt: visual response to "Sum" by david eagleman
interpretation: categorize footage based on color and movement so that they draw some parallel to the menial tasks of everyday life
using: adobe premiere pro, adobe after effects, canon 80D, phone camera, misc collated footage